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What does `VIP´ really mean?

In general a person considered as `VIP´ (Very Important Person) is someone from the aristocracy, a real film star or owner of a huge fortune. And normally not keen to seen in tabloids or TV screens, neither "shot" by bygoer´s mobilephones. If a person is classified as a VIP or feel like one, you should not have to let the ordinary spectator stare at you, if he doesn't appreciate this for once, and he will find himself in the appropriate box in a stdium, entrance to a hotel and suite via secret stairs, or discrete boarded on a ship. I continue to hear that suppliers are frustrated with advisor requests to `VIP´ their clients without receiving any specifics on what would actually make the guest feel like a VIP. But `VIP´ is used in the same way inflationary as `Luxury´, but too often it is neither a VIP nor Luxury. by Earl of Cruise VIP - Is it a special greeting from the general manager as they walk through the front door? VIP - Is it a bottle of wine or an upgrad…
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Cruise - Family discovers hidden camera in Carnival cruise cabin

A Florida family was shocked to discover a camera hidden among wires in their CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE cabin. The Pensacola couple, along with their 10-year-old son, found the device while searching undusted areas of the room after the father suffered an allergy attack during the second night of their journey from Mobile, Al., to Mexico, the MIAMI NEW TIMES reported.
That scenario noone want to experience and is especially problematic in hotel rooms, Airbnb rentals, and other vacation properties, and where most people assume a certain level of privacy.And a great number of personal posted videos and photos and more so those posted by others, and shared in social media go viral ... and the World Widw Web does not forget. by Earl of Cruise