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I want to post a THANK YOU to all my readers, 6,200 read and discussed controversial about the controversial design of Le Nouveau FRANCE ... As a soothing I post this design idea of mine.
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Luxury - Defining the luxury traveller of today

What is a luxury traveller today?
Luxury is rare and not easy to get! It is never an everywhere me-too!
"Let me tell you about the very rich," said F. Scott Fitzgerald. "They are different from you and me." F. Scott Fitzgerald couldn’t have been more spot on.
We know about different luxury related groups, the "rich", categorized by marketing gurus: Affluent, HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) and UHNWI (Ultra High Net worth Individuals). The "poor" among this money loaded clientele are the Affluent.
It is the similar group in our todays societies, as in the beginning of the industrial revolution or later during BELLE ÉPOQUE (bɛleˈpɔk), and earlier with the very beginning of capitalism. The very similar set of people that payed fortunes for First Class cabins and first real suites onboard BELLE ÉPOQUE, FINE DE SIECLE and heydays 1930s transatlantic liners or later payed lavishly the tickets for a flight in the CONCORDE.
by Earl of Cruise

Design - Call me FRANCE again - will the mythical ship be back at sea

Le FRANCE, the famous and mythical French ocean liner, will he be back at sea again? President Charles De Gaulle claimed, during the christening (by Yvonne de Gaulle) ceremony May 11th, 1960, that FRANCE III is a true revival of glamorous NORMANDIE ... Those having sailed on NORMANDIE and had the luck of experiencing his grandeur and then top luxuries on board, named FRANCE "vulgar" ... as my aunt and others able to compare.
Didier Spade, a French naval architect and businessman, connected to FRANCE via his father´s and grandfather´s engagement in the outfitting of the famous and last French Transatlantic liner, created a new interpretation of the famous and still loved FRANCE.
by Earl of Cruise
Didier Spade´s vision of the Nouveau FRANNCE - courtesy Mer et Marine When FRANCE was purchsed by visionairy Kloster, the once liner lost its character after the transforming into the then biggest cruise vessel. What was left was only a last glance of the 1950/60s design and character of…